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Music for Every Child

This is our dream.

We at the San Diego Chamber Orchestra have several groundbreaking programs that are part of our "Every Child, Every Life" philosophy.  This means that all of our programs must profoundly enrich a student's appreciation and understanding for music in their life.  This is an ambitious and unique goal, but we have specific programs that will accomplish this dream.

The Frances Hunter Music Memory Program
This nationally recognized program that has become a phenomenon across the country made its debut in San Diego County with the San Diego Chamber Orchestra in September 2008.  Acclaimed in dozens of cities around the country, Music Memory gives children in the 3rd through 6th grades the opportunity to learn 16 pieces of classical music each year. This means that when a student completes four years of this program, they will be able to identify and appreciate 64 pieces of classical music! They will also all have the chance to come to a live concert given by the San Diego Chamber Orchestra, where they will be tested on their knowledge and receive awards for their hard work.

The Orchestra Festivals
The San Diego Chamber Orchestra, in conjunction with the California Music Educators Association, presents California's only annual school orchestra festival presented with master classes by a professional orchestra. Maestro Jung-Ho Pak and principal members of the orchestra work intensively with teachers and their students to help them grow stronger as conductors and musicians.

$10 Student Tickets
The San Diego Chamber Orchestra is proud to announce one of the most accessible student prices in the city. For only $10, any student (including enrolled college students with current student I.D.) can purchase tickets for each concert. Buy early as these tickets are based upon availability.

We believe in great music being accessible to all, regardless of financial background. If you or your organization would like to help us achieve this dream, please contact our office at 858-350-0290 for more information.




Corporate Support

Foundation Donors

$40,000 and above
The James Irvine Foundation
The Parker Foundation

$20,000 and above
Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation

Maestro's Circle

Susan Childs
Samuel Simon Dychter, M.D.
Frances Hunter
Gay and Albert Hugo-Martinez
Claude and Bobbi Kordus
Judith A. Moore
Sue and Bill Weber

Major Government Support

Major funding provided by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture

San Diego Community Enhancement Program (Pam Slater-Price, Ron Roberts)

San Diego County Community Projects Grants Program (Pam Slater-Price)