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Orchestra Nova "Nova Goes Green" Experience

Reinventing Classical Music – Jung-Ho Pak explains

Orchestra Nova's 2012 Music Bee

Orchestra Nova's 2012 Music Bee
End of Olympic Fanfare Interlochen WYSO
Orchestra Nova "Nova Goes Green" Experience
Orchestra Nova Goes SuperNova and Breaks the Mold
Jung-Ho Pak: Connecting with the Audience through Mozart
Nova Intimately: Randall Davidson’s Mexico-BolivarTango
Orchestra Nova's Jung-Ho Pak: Re-inventing the Classical Music Experience
Orchestra Nova's Don Giovanni Overture
Pak's Preview of Four Seasons, Four Virtuosos
Orchestra Nova and Jung-Ho Pak Presents The Next Star Finals
A Tour of CCAE with Orchestra Nova’s Jung-Ho Pak
Hei-ock Kim, Finalist in Concert – Orchestra Nova's The Next Star Competition
Gorden Cheng, Finalist in Concert – Orchestra Nova’s The Next Star Competition
Maria Lozano, Winner in Concert – Orchestra Nova’s The Next Star Competition
Meet Orchestra Nova (clips from documentary produced by UCSD-TV, edited by Chad Cortvriendt)
Maestro Pak talks about The Next Star
Notes from Gay Hugo-Martinez, Past President (Produced by UCSD-TV)
Orchestra Nova: Celebrations (Documentary produced by UCSD-TV)
Orchestra Nova: Asian Silk Road (Produced by UCSD-TV)
Jung-Ho Pak: Osher UCSD Distinguished Lecture
San Diego Chamber Orchestra Excitement – 2008-2009
Media: TV and Radio  
Orchestra Nova presents Nova Goes Green, CBS 8, "Earth 8", May 9, 2012
Orchestra Nova goes green with new 'Surf'-inspired work, KPBS, "Midday Edition", May 9, 2012
Jung-Ho Pak and Beverly Lambert on the Exciting 2011-2012 Season,"Inside Art", KSDS, October 14, 2011
Jung-Ho Pak: Exciting New Season for Nova 2.0, "Art Rocks", wsRadio, September 14, 2011
BJ Leiderman on Orchestra Nova, "These Days", KPBS, March 29, 2011
Maria Lozano on Guest Performance for Orchestra Nova, "Good Morning San Diego", KUSI News
Jung-Ho Pak: A Man for All Seasons, "Dave's World of Wonder", KUSI, November 15, 2010
Orchestra Nova POPS! Concert , San Diego 6, April 20, 2010
Orchestra Nova: A Fantastic Orchestra, KLAV AM, May 20, 2010
Umi Garrett: Wunderkind Pianist San Diego 6, May 21, 2010
On the Town with Valerie Scher, SDNN, March 2, 2010
Orchestra Nova’s “Next Star” Talent Competition Down to Three, KPBS “These Days,”, March 3, 2010
A Chat with The Next Star Finalists, KUSI TV "Good Morning San Diego", February 27, 2010
Are you the next classical music star, KPBS Radio "These Days", January 6, 2010
Fox 5 Morning Show, January 6, 2010
KUSI Morning Show, November 19, 2009
KUSI Dave's World, October 25, 2009
Lindsay Deutsch and Orchestra Nova Make Classical Music "Hip", San Diego 6 TV, September 14, 2009
Comic-Con in tune with Orchestra Nova's executive director, SDNN, July 23, 2009
Thousands of Students "Name That Tune", NBC 7/39, May 2009
Felix Mendelssohn and the Orchestra, KUSI-TV, "Dave's World," March 2009
A Musical Journey Along the silk Road, KPBS, "These Days," March 23, 2009
Media: Online and Print  
Orchestra Nova San Diego to honor Rancho Santa Fe resident - Rancho Santa Fe Review, August 7, 2012
Orchestra Nova announces 2012-2013 line-up - Rancho Santa Fe Review, July 6, 2012
Orchestra Nova takes musicians and their sponsors on a cruise - Rancho Santa Fe Review, June 20, 2012
150 students compete in Orchestra Nova Music Bee - Rancho Santa Fe Review, June 13, 2012
"Surf" - Swarmius takes Orchestra Nova to the Beach - San Diego Reader, May 14, 2012
The composer speaks: Joseph Waters on 'Surf' - The San Diego Union-Tribune, May 1, 2012
Orchestra Nova Sails Back into Coronado May 11 - The Coronado Eagle & Journal, May 10, 2012
Orchestra Nova Brings "Bach, Baroque, Beatles And All That Jazz" To Coronado - The Coronado Eagle & Journal, November 25, 2011
Orchestra Nova Presents: Bach, Baroque, Beatles And All That Jazz November 18 - The Coronado Eagle & Journal, November 10, 2011
Orchestra Nova Sets Sights on Young Listeners – The Epoch Times, November 3, 2011
Orchestra Nova Opens with Stylish Mozart – San Diego.com, October 15, 2010
Aiming for the Stars – San Diego Union-Tribune, Night and Day, October 14, 2010
Orchestra Nova Season Scores a Hit – La Jolla Light, October 7, 2010
Orchestra Nova Knows the Score When It Comes to Concert Magic – Rancho Santa Fe Review, October 7, 2010
Beethoven Under Microscope – San Diego Tribune, May 6, 2010
Classical Mystery – La Jolla Light, May 6, 2010
“The Next Star Wants You to Help Pick, Well, The Next Star” – San Diego Union-Tribune and signonsandiego.com, March 3, 2010
Conductor Jung-Ho Pak: March Artist of the Month, SDNN, March 1, 2010
Rescuing Music Education in San Diego, SDNN, February 12, 2010
Bach and Sons Feted by Orchestra Nova, February 1, 2010
35 Under 35 San Diego Community Leaders, SDNN, January 21, 2010
Orchestra Nova, Malashock Dance, Cygnet Theatre and MoPA band together in co-promotion, SDNN, December 1, 2009
Music, Dance, Theatre, Art: Four Genres Join Promotional Forces, San Diego Business Transcript, November 22, 2009
Beverly Lambert Talks About Orchestra Nova, DiscoverSD.com, November 13, 2009
John Menier’s Documentary About Orchestra Nova, San Diego Jewish World, November 3, 2009
Energetic Lindsay Deutsch Presents Mozart Theatrically, San Diego Jewish World, September 22, 2009
Orchestra Nova creates zesty blend of old and new, San Diego News Network (SDNN), September 13, 2009
San Diego Chamber Orchestra Becomes Orchestra Nova, sandiego.com, September 11, 2009
Bee Season, San Diego News Network (SDNN), June 3, 2009
Beethoven: Rebel With A Cause, In The Spotlight, May 27, 2009
Orchestra Nova Debuts in Ultimate Opera, In The Spotlight, May 27, 2009
Orchestra’s Star Rising and Name Changing, San Diego Union Tribune & SignOnSanDiego.com, May 24, 2009
News Flash: Local Orchestra to Change Name, San Diego News Network (SDNN), May 15, 2009
Orchestra Gala Reveals Successful Season, La Jolla Light, April 3, 2009

Podcasts (as heard on XLNC1 Radio, 104.9 FM)
The Next Star March 2010
All in the Family: Meet the Bachs Jan 2010

Masterpiece Messiah – December 2009

Haydn Seek – November 2009
Flying Solo – October 2009
The Many Faces of Mozart – September 2009
The Mozarts:All in the Family
Asian Silk Road
Masterpiece Messiah
Haydn's The Creation
Mendelssohn: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Handel: 250 Years
Beethoven: Rebel With A Cause


Media Coverage: Orchestra Nova's 2008-2009 Season

July 23, 2009, Comic-Con in tune with Orchestra Nova's executive director, San Diego News Network (SDNN)
June 3, 2009, Bee Season, San Diego News Network (SDNN)
May 27, 2009 “Beethoven: Rebel With A Cause” and “Orchestra Nova Debuts in Ultimate Opera,” In The Spotlight
May 24, 2009 – Orchestra’s Star Rising and Name Changing , San Diego Union-Tribune
May 20, 2009 – Chamber Orchestra Changes Name , La Jolla Light
May 2009 – Thousands of students “Name That Tune”, NBC 7/39 and Cox Channel 4
May 2009 - Newsflash: Local orchestra to change name, the San Diego News Network
April 2009 - Orchestra Gala Reveals Successful Season, La Jolla Light
March 2009, Felix Mendelssohn and the orchestra - Dave's World, KUSI
March, 2009 – Maestro Pak and Jay Oh, San Diego News Now, NBC (video unavailable)
March 2009 – Maestro Pak and Jay Oh, Channel 4 San Diego (video unavailable)
February 2009 – SDCO Concert Enthralls Audience, Rancho Santa Fe Review
February 2009 – Editor's Picks-San Diego Favorites-Jung-Ho Pak, Ranch and Coast Magazine
December 2008, “The Powers to Be”, San Diego Magazine
November 13, 2008 - "These Days," KPBS
    Video - Masayo Ishigure, koto and Min Xiao-Fen, pipa
    Audio - "These Days" program with Tom Fudge
November 17, 2008 - "San Diego Living", San Diego 6
October 2, 2008 - Good Morning San Diego, KUSI
October, 2008 - "The Future of Music is Education," San Diego Magazine
September 25, 2008 - "It's so cool to be classical," Rancho Santa Fe Review
August 10, 2008 - Dave Scott, KUSI
June, 2008 - Cox Communications ' "Asian Pacific American Heritage Month"
March 15, and Sunday, March 16 – KUSI – Dave Scott Story
March 14 – NBC7 Streetside San Diego
March 13 – NBC7 Morning Show
March 11 – KPBS Radio These Days
March 2, 2008 – Jazz88 Inside Art with Leo Cates




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