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Our Staff/Team Members

We're dedicated to making our guests feel that they are valued members of the Orchestra Nova San Diego family...from the very first moment of contact with us, whether it’s just a question to be answered or to buy a ticket, to the moment after the concert when concertgoers leave the concert feeling refreshed and filled with joy.

Chief Executive Officer
Beverly Lambert
My love of music became apparent to my third grade teacher in a small rural Kansas town when I attempted to play the school piano. She began giving me lessons, sending me home with a cardboard keyboard to practice. My parents got the message, and my Christmas present that year was a real piano.

Classical music was new to me when I subscribed to a "Community Concert Series" in our county seat as an eighth grader. I loved it!

Eventually, I earned an M.S. in Music Education and taught vocal music for eight years in primary and secondary public schools before I switched to the corporate world and spent seventeen years marketing for IBM. However, I have always kept my fingers in the music world, directing church choirs, singing in choirs and as a season ticket-holder to the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra concerts.

I truly believe that "music is the international language," and I love being able to meld my marketing skills and knowledge of music together, working with Orchestra Nova San Diego, Jung-Ho and all of the wonderful people supporting the orchestra.


858-350-0290, ext. 205
415-867-7493 cell

Director of Development and Marketing
Joan Cumming
I have been so incredibly fortunate that music has been at the heart of nearly every organization I’ve worked for throughout my career.  From ballet, to opera, to a large symphony orchestra, my work has always revolved around making the connection between audiences and music.

When I moved to Carlsbad from Los Angeles, a friend mentioned Orchestra Nova to me.  Basically, he said, “You’ve got to check out this organization. I went to one of their concerts, and they really are doing something amazing.”  And he’s right!  Orchestra Nova is doing something amazing.  When I saw people lined up at intermission at one of the concerts signing up for their next season’s subscriptions, I knew this was not the music business as usual!

As the person responsible for development and marketing, I believe my job is really about building holistic relationships – finding creative ways to take the joy, energy, and enthusiasm that is Orchestra Nova and making that a part of our supporter’s lives every day.


858-350-0290, ext. 201

Director of Concerts and Operations
Holly Churchill
I am honored to coordinate concert experiences, to synchronize details that help bring forth powerful musical moments. Having served the San Diego Chamber Orchestra during 3 past seasons and as a production/ artistic coordinator for several prominent musical organizations in our city, I am delighted to continue my collaboration with such a remarkable and talented cadre of musicians and staff.

Having produced radio segments and campaigns for a local classical music station, I am dedicated to media and its role in providing musical experiences at any time or place. It is exciting to be part of a symbiosis of beautiful music and cutting-edge technology at Nova.

My college and graduate school training involved communication and international development. The arts actively stimulate, stir, and soothe the body and the soul, and I look forward to seeing this phenomenon exemplified across demographic and cultural boundaries. Some of my most amazing "musical moments" were with college concert choirs while touring Asia and Europe as I earned my M.A. in International Affairs. For most of my life I have enjoyed singing musical theater and playing classical piano. Lately I enjoy volunteering backstage for youth theater and school music programs. I am inspired by Nova's subtle merging of instrumental music, theater, and the visual arts, because it seems to me that such multi-sensorial experiences and engaging and vital to children—of all ages.

858-350-0290, ext. 209

Marketing Outreach Manager
Becky Greenfield

Classical music has been a part of my life since I can remember.  I began taking piano lessons at the age of 7 and violin lessons at the age of 9 and participated in various school and community orchestras and choirs through college.  As an adult, I’ve actively sought opportunities to make music an integral part of my life and could never get enough - so when a friend and former colleague told me about an opportunity to join the Orchestra Nova team as their Marketing Outreach Manager, I was thrilled.

As a marketer, it is a joy to have spreading the word about Orchestra Nova and the Nova Experience as my primary responsibility.  I am inspired by and learn from my colleagues on a daily basis and feel incredibly privileged to be part of an organization whose goal is to bring beauty and joy into the lives of as many people as possible through the power of music.

858-350-0290, ext. 208

Audience Development Manager
Erin Oleno

Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies.
~Edward George Bulwer-Lytton

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t surrounded by music.
My parents were true enthusiasts, exposing me to everything from Bach to the blues. I began singing and playing the piano at a very young age and since then I have developed a sincere devotion to the arts and to all kinds of music…whether it’s in the form of more popular genres, or of a classical symphony.

I love singing with my local blues band as “Mama Red” where I’m the lead singer and band manager, but my role as the Customer Relations Manager for this dynamic orchestra is a wonderful extension to my life.

I get the opportunity to utilize my background in customer relations as an office manager for a small business, coupled with my experience on and off-stage in the music world, to help me build lasting and genuine relationships with our guests.

In essence, I love music and I love interacting with people! I’m thrilled that my journey has led me here, to the Orchestra Nova San Diego. I’m humbled to be given the chance to help realize Maestro Pak’s revolutionary vision and to help make the entire concert experience an unforgettable evening for our guests, one that will touch their souls.

858-350-0290, ext. 207

Ticketing Manager and Executive Assistant
Stella Karl

I took up the violin at seven.  I did not realize then what an impact music would have on my life.  I played with the San Luis Obispo Youth Symphony for several years and even became the concert master of my seventh grade orchestra. I dabbled with the trombone while in elementary school, but came back to the violin. 

Some of my other fond memories include my Grandpa singing opera in his home-made recording studio at six in the morning accompanied by his Casio keyboard. Another good memory was playing the lead in my third-grade musical, “Red, White and Blues.” Though my music career has seemed to have peaked at about 11 – my instrument is sitting under my bed gathering dust and my fingers are not as strong as they used to be – the music lives on in my work. 

These experiences are what so compelled me to work for Orchestra Nova. I have learned more and had more laughs than I ever dreamed possible. The wonderful staff, Jung-Ho and the musicians, as well as our fantastic audience members help me to enjoy my job each day, whether it is at a desk or in a concert venue.  I consider myself very lucky to have found this organization and do not plan on giving it up any time soon.

858-350-0290, ext. 203

Development Associate
Ericka Ramirez

I was born in San Diego and raised in Ensenada, Mexico. I am so grateful to have lived in and learned from these different cultures. I went to school at Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) and have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. I also studied two summers at the Sorbonne in Paris. I started playing the piano in high school and have continued to do so ever since. Playing such a beautiful instrument relaxes me and takes me to another place – a place of tranquility and happiness. I couldn’t have asked for a better job than one with Orchestra Nova. It is a wonderful organization, full of life, excitement and amazing people. It is wonderful to be part of something that makes people’s lives happier, even if it’s only for one night. Being part of something special and continuously growing makes me feel special and extremely proud.

858-350-0290, ext. 206

Nova Education Ambassador
Ross Moore

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t listening to music.  It started with my father’s stack of Big Band 78s, then my first 45s (Beach Boys’ I Get Around backed with Don’t Worry Baby, even then I found the “B” side more interesting) and finally LPs (Beatles Second Album).  But growing up in the 60s we were lucky enough to hear all different kinds of music through popular culture as well.  Whether it was classical and opera through Warner Brothers cartoons, or bluegrass from the Beverly Hillbillies or folk music through Andy Griffith, to all of the variety programs with musicians young and old, we were immersed in music without even realizing it.  I can’t imagine life without music and it has certainly made me who I am.

Like many others I began with band in fifth grade at my elementary school in Frankfort, Kentucky, first playing trumpet and then moving on to baritone.  After college I picked up a guitar and have been writing songs ever since.  But when I relocated to San Diego in late 2008 my life became about sharing music.  I created and coordinate the San Diego County Library Acoustic Showcase, a community partnership that brings top local musicians to county libraries for free concerts.  I also do music-education programs about folk music with an emphasis on Woody Guthrie.  But I am most excited about my work as Nova Education Ambassador in expanding opportunities for all children to have exposure to beautiful music.  I believe music is fundamental to learning and I know that we will positively impact the lives of tens of thousands of children through our combined efforts.  I cannot imagine doing anything more important, and I thank Jung-Ho Pak, our staff, sponsors and guests for this opportunity and for joining me in our mission to reach every child possible. 

858-350-0290, ext. 210


Elaine Standring
Volunteer Assistant
Judy Moore
Recording Engineer
David O'Gwynn

Orchestra Personnel

Hernan Constantino
David Howard
Stage Manager
Sahba Javedani

Graphics Designer
Tim Carter
Greg Merino

Web Master
Kimberly Howard



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Foundation Donors

$40,000 and above
The James Irvine Foundation
The Parker Foundation

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Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation

Maestro's Circle

Susan Childs
Samuel Simon Dychter, M.D.
Frances Hunter
Gay and Albert Hugo-Martinez
Claude and Bobbi Kordus
Judith A. Moore
Sue and Bill Weber

Major Government Support

Major funding provided by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture

San Diego Community Enhancement Program (Pam Slater-Price, Ron Roberts)

San Diego County Community Projects Grants Program (Pam Slater-Price)